Sergiu was sadly abandoned at birth by his parents. He spent the first two years of his life living in a state hospital where he didn’t receive the correct medical care or affection that he needed.
Sergiu was born with Arthrogryposis – a condition where the feet and legs are bowed. He was in desperate need of surgery and physiotherapy if he was ever going to have any chance of walking.
Sergiu also has further special needs, so he really needed a lot of therapy and care to further his development. Whilst living in the hospital he received none of these things.
Romanian Relief placed Sergiu into a permanent foster care family. He began to receive and respond to the love and care that he had been missing out on for two years and became more spirited and alive – a reawakened version of his former self. He started to smile and progress physically and emotionally, with plenty of milestones to indicate real progress. We then organized for Sergiu to go through a 7-week treatment on his legs, which proved very successful. He is now in his rehabilitation process. Ultimately Sergiu was given the chance to walk and a chance to live life, something we want to offer to so many more children.