Viorel was abandoned at birth and lived the first year of his life at the state children’s hospital. He was born with clubfeet and malrotated wrists and hands. Due to his condition, he was unable to walk.

When Viorel was one year old he came to live at safe homes. He quickly learnt to sit up and to move around on the floor, but Viorel would get very frustrated with his condition and you could see he longed to run around with his brother’s and sisters at Safe Homes.

With the help and thanks to a U.K charity, Viorel was able to go to England and receive surgery at Great Ormond street hospital. He is now six years old, and can run around alongside his brothers and sisters and is a confident and content child. Viorel has learnt to cope with his condition and can now feed and dress himself with adapted cutlery and clothing. He still receives daily physio, but is attending school and is leading a happy normal life.