Claudiu was orphaned after his mother sadly passed away, with no other relatives to care for him he was sent to live at the county hospital. Claudiu was then 3 years old and suffered with cerebral palsy. He had been living at the hospital for 7 months before we met him. Due to his disabilities and neglect, (he had been spending everyday living in a cot) he was unable to speak, sit or stand unaided. We brought Claudiu to live at Safe Homes, where he could finally have a family again.

Claudiu now receives daily physiotherapy, and has parents that love, care for him and are dedicated to helping him reach his full potential. He has made remarkable progress, now being able to speak, sit up unaided, and can crawl on the floor and stand with assistance. Claudiu is due to have surgery on his feet in August 2010, which we hope will help with his recuperation.

Claudiu is a remarkable boy, whom everyone has fallen in love with. Even though he has endured many hardships in his life already, he is now an extremely happy and loving little boy.