Romanian Relief’s longest ongoing project involves our two Safe Homes. These were established in 2005 and provide 2 family homes for 12 abandoned children with special needs. Our main aim and vision for these homes is to provide each child with a stable family and rehabilitate them from the psychological damage they have suffered from being institutionalized. This is achieved via our ‘live in’ parents and staff who treat our children with the same loving care that they would give to their own biological child.
Romanian Relief is committed to providing lifelong support and care, as well as a family environment for these children to grow and flourish in. We strongly believe that these children are worth our investment and time. Each of our children has shown phenomenal advancement throughout their time in these homes, and our dedicated team are constantly working towards helping these individuals reach their full potential, both physically and mentally. Throughout their lives and future developments, from school to university to future employment, Romanian Relief will ensure that Safe Homes will continue to be a home and basis of support for each child for as long as they need it.

“The soul purpose of safe homes is to provide a family to children that so rightly deserve one, we are privileged to be making a difference in the lives of such special children.”